Earlybird’s voice-centric onboarding software chosen by Catch22 to tackle unemployment

February 14, 2023

Earlybird, alongside 11 other ventures, was chosen by Catch22 as part of their Social Tech Amplifier programme. The Social Tech Amplifier is delivered in partnership with Catch22, Ufi VocTech Trust and the Social Tech Trust and is supported by Hatch and Microsoft.

With a significant rise in unemployment predicted over this year, the programme aims to support ventures like Earlybird, to work together and deliver solutions at scale that tackle the injustices young people face in the labour market.  

Earlybird is voice-centric, conversational onboarding software for employability providers. It provides job-seekers access to a conversational chatbot to which they can respond using their voice to communicate their interests, skills and barriers to work ahead of meeting an employment adviser. The software's audio analytics equips advisors with deep insights to deliver tailored support from their first meeting, enabling them to build trust much faster. 

Founder and CEO of Earlybird: Claudine Adeyemi

"We're excited about voice technology's impact on empowering employment advisers to do their best work. We joined Social Tech Amplifier to gain support through our test, learn and iterate process to continuously improve our ability to help providers deliver quality support at scale. We're also excited about the opportunity to connect, learn from and collaborate with a community of innovators who share our vision for a world where everyone can achieve their career potential." Claudine Adeyemi, Founder & CEO, Earlybird. 

The team at Earlybird believe that voice technology has the potential to drive change at scale; Earlybird will enable a step change in how participants are supported during the onboarding process and deliver positive outcomes sooner. 

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