Celebrating Excellence - Claudine Adeyemi, CEO and Founder of Earlybird Wins Thrive20 Awards

October 26, 2023

Exemplifying resilience and brilliance, Claudine Adeyemi was recently honoured with a prestigious award; she has become a symbol of inspiration for tech enthusiasts worldwide. As the CEO of Earlybird, she has not only redefined industry standards but also shattered gender stereotypes, proving that innovation knows no gender.

Her story is a reminder that talent knows no gender and that the tech industry, and indeed the world, benefits immensely when barriers are broken, and diverse voices are given the opportunity to thrive. 

Under Claudine’s dynamic leadership, Earlybird has flourished, pioneering its AI voice-tech solutions that have transformed the employability landscape. Her strategic vision and unwavering dedication have propelled the company to unparalleled heights, earning her the well-deserved recognition. This award not only acknowledges her individual prowess but also highlights the importance of diversity and female leadership in the tech sector.

At Earlybird, we are committed to using our combined experience and expertise to create innovative solutions that empower everyone to reach their full potential, regardless of their background.” - Claudine Adeyemi, CEO & Founder, Earlybird.

Beyond her professional achievements, Claudine is a mentor and business success advocate. In celebrating her remarkable accomplishment, we celebrate not just one woman's success in business but the collective potential of all women in technology. Thank you to WeAreTheCity, HSBC and congratulations to the other winners. 

Read more about the recognition here.

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